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Over 22 years of Computer Experience & 6 years of Designing Experience



Melson Creative Ventures LLC. is located in Greenwood, SC area. They have been in business for Since 2014. MCV is Military family owned and operated by Belinda & Tom Melson. MCV first started their full concentration on the Website Development Division. The owner has the drive to help small business compete on a global level by bring their businesses up to speed in the digital world.


  There goal have been to " Make Communication a little Easier to Connect with the World". MCV makes  site visits or phone calls to make sure everything is okay. 2015 MCV developed a deeper passion for Videography and gaining more visibility through Weddings, Green Screen Effects, Parties, and Church events and Plays. Drone Aerial Service coming in the near future.


Computer Repair is not offered as a full service at this time. MCV is hoping to launch this service in mid to late 2016 or early 2017.


Melson Creative Ventures personalized service makes any customer feel special. We treat every customer as a human being, not a number. 


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